Lakewood Baptist Church

Lakewood is a Conservative, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church

In a day when change occurs at an unprecedented pace and in every area of life, we at Lakewood Baptist Church know that the God of the Bible changes not. Some things may need to change, but knowing, worshipping, and serving God who does not change, must not change!

Truth, by definition is unchanging. It remains constant and sure and eternal; this truth is found in God’s Holy Word, the Bible. Lakewood Baptist Church is a church that has not changed. We are an Independent, Fundamental, Conservative Baptist Church that maintains the historic Baptist doctrines and distinctives. We still use the King James version of the Bible. We still sing the old hymns, and hold to biblical principles. We believe that God’s Word should set our purpose, practice, principles, and standards. We believe that every individual must be Born Again in order to enter Heaven and that salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ alone, plus nothing, minus nothing. Our goal is to reach our community and the world with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as encourage, and equip Christians to live and grow in the Lord. We are a family of believers that desire that you feel welcome and at home. I cordially invite you to experience the unchanging goodness of God here at Lakewood Baptist Church.

Pastor Gilbert

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