Exploring Our World
Through God's Word

Wednesday Nights 6:45 — 8:00 p.m.

Bible Lessons

Each Masterclub has one central lesson for the children to learn, presented in an engaging, but simple way.

Game Time

Games are a fun part of Masterclub time. Groups play age-appropriate games every Wednesday.


Every year, our Masterclub kids have the opportunity to compete in Regional Competitions in categories ranging from Bible trivia to cup stacking.

Character Development

Masterclub will help your child understand right and wrong, as well as instructing them on respect for authority.

Verse Memory

Each age group memorizes verses according to their abilities. One-on-one tutelage helps to encourage the kids to learn.

Great Friends

Masterclub gives the opportunity to develop good friendships that will help their spiritual growth. 

Master Clubs Director
Craig Rector

Bro. Craig Rector has served as our Master Clubs Director for many years. He and his wife, Sheranda have a love for children and have invested many hours in helping them to learn about Jesus Christ.